From the Back Porch

What Do Farmers Do All Winter? An article in the Columbia Monthly, Colville, Washington.

What Do Farmers Do All Winter?

(a look behind the scenes at Front Porch Farm) originally published in the North Columbia Monthly, February 2014, Volume 20 Issue 9 So what do farmers do in the winter, anyway? It’s the most frequently asked question we get as the Northeast Washington Farmers Market draws to a close each year. Especially farming here where it …

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Chicken Tractors

Ever heard of a chicken tractor?  The concept originated with Joel Salatin, as a way to keep his chickens confined while letting them eat the weeds between his garden rows.  Now, chicken tractors are used for everything from back-yard chicken coops to protecting free-range chickens from predators. In the early spring, we use our chicken …

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Giving thanks..

Winter squash. Autumn leaves. Pumpkin pies. Blessings. It’s that time of year. A time to rest and reflect. A season of thanksgiving. As we bake our pumpkin (squash) pies, as we stuff the turkey, we look back on a full year. It’s been a busy one, but a good one. And that is thanks to …

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Up and spinnin’

If you’re not one of the blessed ones of us who gets to drive the roads in this beautiful valley every day, let me fill you in on the newest thing to appear in the skyline… A windmill at the Front Porch Farm! I’m not sure whose idea it was to get a windmill as …

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Planting Begins!

March 10th…   Mom and I started planting the first of the starts last Saturday.  Spinach and lettuce, cabbage and kohlrabi.  And a new one this year–brussel sprouts. Hard to believe it’s that time already.  A year ago, my little girl was smaller than the lettuce seeds we were planting…  This year, she’s 3 1/2 months old, and …

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